Armstrong Cooper Youth Lacrosse Association

Financial Assistance Application



Welcome to the Armstrong Cooper Youth Lacrosse Association (ACYLA) Financial Assistance Application.

Please note only board members who need to review this information will have access to any of your answers or data. This process is kept confidential.

Completion of this application does not guarantee financial assistance will be granted. Each request will be reviewed and considered fully.

All Applications will be reviewed by the President, Treasurer, and VP's on the day of the board meeting that follows the receipt of the application and all supporting documents. Refer to the Board tab for dates and plan accordingly. 


SCHOLARSHIP/FINANCIAL AID Policy as stated in our Policies and Procedures posted under the Board tab on our website.


a. ACYLA is a non-profit 501c-3 organization and is sensitive to those District #281 families whose finances

make it difficult to participate in the lacrosse program. The scholarship fund is established to help those

families with a financial need. Because the scholarship fund has finite resources, scholarship assistance must

be limited to those families most in need.


a. For families experiencing financial hardship, ACYLA board members, will decide requests for scholarship

assistance in closed session, to maintain an applicant’s privacy. Scholarship grants awarded may be full or

partial reductions of fees, establishment of payment plans, or other options at the discretion of the board.

Depending on the circumstances additional documentation may be requested to support the request for



a. The need for funds should be presented to the President. All requests for financial aid will be kept in strict

confidence. An executive committee comprised of the President, Vice President, and Treasurer will review

all requests individually. Once a decision is reached the requester will be notified.


a. As part of its annual budget, generally approved at the January Board meeting, ACYLA will allocate funds

for Scholarships. The total amount of assistance awarded to all families cannot exceed the amount budgeted,

without formal board approval of such an increase before it is committed.


Please direct questions to:

ACYLA Treasurer